I Have A 2000 Dodge Stratus, My Check Engine Light Wont Go Off I Was Told It Was A Fuel Cap Defect, I Fixed It And It Wont Shut Off Still, How Do I Reset It?


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If you really fixed the problem it will take some time for the light to shut itself off. It will take several cycles of start/drive/shut down for this to happen.

You could take your car to an auto parts store and ask them to check. They will be able to see if a code has been set or if it is an old code. They should be able to clear all codes too.

Just keep in mind that if they clear all codes they will also clear the "readiness" code that most states use to pass your car for inspection. Just like the gas cap code it will take some time for the computer to sort this out too.
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No fixing the problem will NOT cause the light to go out by itself, you must disconnect the one of the battery terminals and leave it off for 10 minutes...this will reset the check engine light, providing that that gas cap was the problem, if the light remains on you need to get an OBD2 and read the codes...good luck

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