What Is That Constant Squealing Noise On My Car?


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May be there is some kind of problem in the starting generator or the belt has gone to old and Caz of this its not gripping properly that's y it is making noise. In other case your generator or fan pulley has gone dry pour some oil to lubricate. Also visit the machine to avoid serious problem. Drive safely and take care
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I have a 2003 mazda mpv. When I start the engine it squeals really bad, but when it warms up it goes away if I have to start and stop she does it again. All my belts and chains were checked and they are fine. I also have fumes coming inside when the van idling I had a pcv pipe replaced less then a year ago ( Fumes) and I have lack of power as well. Please help if you can
thank you.
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Ronnie Maye answered
You might need to check the idler pulley also. It has a bearing in it and can make a squealing noise when it goes bad.
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Purchase some belt dressing at the auto parts store. It will regain some of the belts grip.(temp. Fix) If the noise goes away, it is a matter of time before you need a new belt. Follow the directions on the can. You could be loosing the bearings on one of the accessories? There is also one idler pulley that tensions the belt. When that starts to wear, it will cause squealing as well.

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