What Is The Clunking Noise That Happens When I Accelerate In My Ford Freestar?


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Well if their saying that your car is running on 4 cyl's then my friend put your car in right now because the freestar is available in 2 flavors of V6 engine only so you've blown 2 cylinders already causing massive strain on the other 4.

As for the clunking yeah you might've snapped a conrod or 2, or your engine is about to vomit a piston. You need to get it off the road and to a mechanic immediately.

Get a compression check and go from there.
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It is really hard to say without taking it for a test drive while it is making those noises, but if they tell you the machine shows you running on 4 instead of 6 cylinders, you could have a couple connecting rods getting ready to go, or something else in your drivetrain.
I wouldn't drive it to far or to long with it making that noise because of the number of things that it could be, but to me it does sound like something internally.
Trust me I have been stranded before on a highway because I didn't listen to what my car was doing. Take it to a garage and tell them what you just said here about the clunking sound and the one diagnostic test saying about 4 cylinders instead of 6. That should have gave you the first clue.

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