I Hear A Crazy Noise Like Water Running From Inside My Car. Can You Tell Me What It Is?


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This noise is most probably the result of a low coolant level in the engine. This means air can get into the system which pushes the coolant around, creating the 'running water' noise you refer to.

Luckily replacing the coolant is a really easy job.

Water noise in my car?
  • Firstly pop open the hood of your car.
  • Locate the coolant tank, it should be a large transparent white plastic box.
  • On the side of the tank, there should be markers to indicate how empty or full the coolant level is.
  • If the level is at an optimum range, then it would be best to take the car to a garage to determine what else could cause this noise.
  • However, the level will most probably be too low or empty.
  • Buy some engine coolant (a mixture of antifreeze and water).
  • Unscrew the cap at the top of the tank and simply pour the coolant in to fill the tank up to the correct level.
  • Run your car again and check if it still makes the noise, hopefully it will have vanished!
It is unwise to use your car when the coolant is low, as this will result in the overheating of the engine - which will cause serious damage to major (and rather expensive) components.
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A low water level will sometimes allow air to circulate with the water. As it passes through the heater core, it will make the noise.
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As Sidecar said: Low coolant will allow air to sit on top of the heater core and once the car is turned on, coolant will fill the heater core. Thus causing a running water sound.

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