What kind of freon do I use for a 1999 ford taurus car?


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For models of the Ford Taurus that were manufactured from 1995 onwards, you will need R134 refrigerant.

  • Recharging the air conditioning

Find the side connector that has low pressure, found in your Taurus. Usually, it should be either centrally located towards the front of your engine  or by the firewall; you will know what it is because it has a black, yellow or blue cap and be marked LOW or L. Remove this cap.

The Taurus that uses R134 refrigerant has valves which connect quickly.

  • Look for damage

Have a look at the air conditioning facilities for any signs of damage; you can get kits to detect leaks from auto parts stores, empowering you to uncover leaks and that can sometimes seal small ones.

If there is any clear damage then you will need to get these repaired before you replenish the cooling system by adding more refrigerant.

  • Check the pressure

By getting a hold of a specialist automotive gauge to check air conditioning, you will be able to get a precise reading. The test involves putting on your air con to the coolest temperatures and the most powerful setting to determien to what extent it is faulty.

  • Recharge

Attach the connector found on your low pressure side to the refill hose, as detailed in the manual that come with the kit. Opening the valve on your refill hose will allow the liquid to enter the system properly.

When the can is empty, check the pressure again; if it remains poor, recharge again with another can of refrigerant.

Close any open valves and release from the side connector once the job is finished. Don't forget to replace the cap onto the port.

  • Finally

Leave your engine on, and have the air conditioning on the most powerful setting for a minimum of 20 minutes so that the refrigerant can circulate throughout the system.

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