How Do You Spray Paint A Car?


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Painting your own car may be strenuous and tiring but it also can be very rewarding and interesting. You can give full rein to your creativity and imagination while painting a car to give it your inimitable style and personality. There are several books and DVDs which can help you in painting your own car by giving instructions on how to go about it. Here I have suggested one of the methods to do it.

First step in painting is to clean your car thoroughly with a detergent or a soap base. Then rub it down with wax and remove all the grease. Now remove all the paint with sandpaper and the rust can be removed slowly and carefully with a knife and give the car a rust treatment. There are several methods of painting a car but one of the easiest is spray painting. Now take an aerosol-can filled with paint and start applying the first coat. Allow it to dry and then apply the second coat of paint with the spray can. After that apply two coats of lacquer and let it dry and harden which would take around a week or two.
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Get the ingredients and equipments required to spray paint your car. Park your car out of the sun and other weather elements to prevent them from affecting your work. Clean your car well and get rid of grime, dirt and tape all those areas like windows, handles etc that doesn't require painting with sandpaper. Spray the car with your spray gun and give it the first coat. It doesn't matter if it is not perfect the first time. Then sand the car and spray the second coat after waiting for an hour or so. Clean the car and mix the paint and put it in the spray can. Make it thin so that it can be sprayed. Use a filter mask while doing it. Then connect the compressor and give two coats of paint after waiting for 15 to 20 minutes after each coat. Once the car is dry you can remove the tapings from the windows and your car is again as good as new. Put some cut n polish to smoothen the layers.
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Hello, it seems to me that it is better to contact a car service to paint a car, since you need to have special skills here. If you intend to paint the vehicle yourself, be sure to coat the vehicle with Automotive Undercoating before painting. This is necessary so that the paint fits well and does not flake off.

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Well I tell you how to spray a car down sand the car down with 220 sand paper take the shine off clear coat and then wipes car down with wax and grease remove and the primer it wait a day and 800  sand paper and wax and  grease and colour 2.1 base coat and then clear

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