How do you take a headlight out of a 97 ford taurus gl?


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To begin taking the headlight out of a 97 Ford Taurus gl, you should kill the engine and make sure your headlights are no longer lit up. You'll want to work on the car when the headlights are cool, and it's also safer to begin the headlight removal process with a car that is not powered up. After you shut the car down, open the front hood cover and check out the apparatus that is connected to your headlights.

  • How to continue
The next thing you'll need to do is check out the back end of one headlight, to look for metal pieces called retainer clips. Once you find these important parts of your headlight's mechanism, pull them back to separate them from the rest of the apparatus.

  • Use the right tools
You will need to find the right type of wrench to continue the headlight replacement process. Once you have located a wrench known as a socket wrench, you will need it to take off the bolt that sits at the beginning of the headlight mechanism (it is off to one side). If you are having trouble finding the bolt, look for the car rad, as the bolt will always be located close to it.

  • Look inside the headlight assembly
Once you've taken off the bolt, you can yank the headlight apparatus out a bit, to check out the light bulb areas and the connected wires. To detach the wiring from the light bulbs, hit the tabs until the wiring comes loose. Then, unscrew the bulbs and get them out of the way. Do the same thing for the second headlight.

A Ford Taurus is a nice, practical car that is also quite economical to run - especially if you learn how to do some basic do-it-yourself car repairs and skip paying a mechanic.

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