How Do I Remove The Front Bumper From My Classic Saab 900, The Bolts Are Well Rusted And Won't Budge?


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Yes, these bolts are a bit of pest. Fortunately, you can escape all that back breaking, knuckle skinning spanner work completely. The short answer is that the bolts you have been heaving and ho-ing over don't need to be removed at all.

Sorry, but you can remove a front bumper in less than two minutes with an Allen key. Ignore the bolts that go through the car body. Get underneath the bumper and on the underside of each bracket you will find a bolt with an Allen key head on it. These are quite chunky bolts, so you may have to fish around for an Allen key of the correct size, the one that comes with your bike just isn't big enough.

Before setting out on your Allen key quest, give both bolts a liberal dosing with a releasing fluid to make them even easier to undo.

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