I Have A 2.2L 2004 Chevy Cavalier And The Coolant Fan Stopped Working. The Car Overheats When I Stop And The A.C Blows Warm When The Car Idles. Can Anyone Help Me Solve This Problem?


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Mark Henderson answered
It's difficult to diagnose and recommend a good course of action to take with the limited information available.

This problem could be down to a number of issues, which unfortunately would be best dealt with by a mechanic at a garage, unless you have the necessary skills yourself.

You should attempt to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Running the car whilst the engine is overheating will cause long-term and possibly terminal damage to the engine, which will cost a great deal of money to get repaired.

Chevy Cavalier radiator fan stopped working?
There could be four reasons why the air conditioning is blowing hot air and the car overheats:

  • The fan motor could have malfunctioned, which will cause the fan to stop revolving.
  • The fan relay may have stopped working, which again will cause the car to overheat.
  • The fuse may have blown in the circuit.
  • Or - in the worse case scenario - the car's onboard ECM (computer) has malfunctioned, which would require the car to be taken to a Chevrolet dealership.
The first three issues will only involve minor repairs, so hopefully this will be the case. I hope this helps.
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Frank Goodall answered
Well it could be two very simple fixes and both parts could be purchased at any local auto parts store. Both parts equal around 40.00 if purchased together.

  • 1st Cooling Fan Relay
  • 2nd Engine Coolant Temperature Relay
I have a 2004 Cavalier myself and had the same problem so I replaced both relays and have had no problem since.

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