Car Shakes When Stop At A Red Light, What's The Matter?


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There are several possible reasons for this. Try and assess where the vibrating is coming from if possible before deciding upon the reason. To avoid any further damage or even fatal accidents, get the car to a mechanic as soon as possible. The longer it is left, the more the car can be damaged and in effect, a price increase on the labor work.

  • Rotor Problem
The first reason that could cause this is that it may be a rotor problem. This essentially means that the brakes are damaged which could be due to metal warping from heat and friction, rust or it could also just be as a result of worn pads. Brake pads are fairly easy and inexpensive to replace depending on your car model and the garage you go to. Only if you know for sure the kind of pads to purchase, you can save a few pennies getting hold of them yourself. The car dealer will always be cheaper for parts than a garage.

  • Low idling
Another reason could be that the idle is just too low. This happens often in cars, especially as they get older. This simply means just increasing the RPM by means of altering the accelerator connection.

  • Motor Mount
If the shaking is coming from the motor, this suggests a motor mount issue. Most reasons that cause shaking in a car can be easily fixed and done so quickly.
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All of those are fail answers...

My car has been doing the same thing. Basically when your at a light the car will randomly shudder and stop then maybe shudder again, but when driving, or out of gear it is fine.

After replacing my fuel filter and cleaning my fuel injectors the problem stopped.
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It could be you oil presure. If thats messed up it can destroy your engine.
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This could be caused from warped rotors, unless you mean it shakes while you are stopped sitting at the light,if that is so then you may need motor mounts or just a tune-up.
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My sunfire was doing this and I found a piece of rust touching some corroded wires once I cleaned it and put new protective rubber around the wire my car ran fine.

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