When Did The Manufacturers Stop Making These Cars And Why (If You Know)?


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A lot of the cars were junk and viewed as such by the public such as the Ford Pinto which was a gas bomb waiting for an igniter. The negative image and style, gas shortages and lack of demand did most of the others in.
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The Fiero as I remember was the mid-engine car that would suddenly catch fire while you were taking a ride. Not like the Pinto which needed to be rear-ended. The Fire-ero would just burst into flames with the engine right between the driver and passenger, didn't use gas I guess just burned it and you with it!
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The Javelin, AMX and the rest of AMC/Jeep were purchased by Chrysler, thus the Chrysler/Jeep association. Chrysler dropped the rest of AMC line-up except for Jeep. That's also why the Rambler, Apollo and the yes the Gremlin are no longer with us. Rambler was there top of the line and it Rambled as I remember! The Javelin and AMX where hot cars but AMC was cheap!
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It is the truth about them and they thought Pinto's were bad! It is funny though unless you were in one when it went up in Fire-OHHH! lol
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1- the nova was discontinued in 79 and then reintroduced in 85 as a front wheel drive car based on the toyota corrolla, they had the same mechanicals but slightly different body and trim.
2- the vega was made till 77.
3- the pinto was made till 80. It had problems at first, but was eventually made into a decent car.
4- the javelin had a short run from 68-74. The 70's gas crisis and higher insurance rates for muscle cars killed it.
5- now the mopars! ;) the dart was made from 60-76. It's twin, the plymouth duster ran from 70-76. These were great cars with a huge variety of engine choices, the ones I've had have had the 225 slant six and 340 v8. After 76 they were reintroduced in 79 and 80 as a plymouth volare' package, in 85-87 as a plymouth turismo package and in 92-94 as a plymouth sundance package.
6-  the roadrunner was made from 68-80. Very nice muscle car, one of my faves ;)
7- plymouth duster, see #5
8- the firebird and trans am were made from 67-02.
9- the fiero was made from 84 to 88. It had problems in the first year or two but was a good car after that. It already had a bad reputation by the time gm worked out the kinks it just couldn't recover in sales. Unfortunate, I liked the car ;)
10- the chevelle was made from 64-77.

these were all decent cars but the fuel crunch of the 70's killed most of them. Technology killed the rest. I'm unaware of any frame problems as armymom914 says. Maybe she just had a bad one and assumed all were the same. At any rate, I've owned or driven all the cars listed and never had any major problems with any of them except my 340 dart. I only had problems with it because the rear end wasn't strong enough for the engine I installed. I never did get around to swapping a beefier rear. I just kept changing the you-joints I kept snapping ;) lol!
all info here was either from my experience with the cars or from wikipedia ;)
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Those cars were stopped being made because there were frame problems, if you looked at the majority of these cars the nova especially looked like it was crooked from behind.
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This might help some en.wikipedia.org

Lupe Owned a Nova when we were Teens great little car.. You could turn it off.. And it would still keep running.  :)  Lots of fun though
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The Nova did not sell to well, for the Vega they lost the blue prints,the Ford Pinto was stopped because if you rear ended it it blew up,don't know about the Amc,the Dart got sold to in 75,Roadrunner was a very exclusive car,and for the rest every one wanted so they had to stop because they ran out of parts in 78,82,81,79,and the The Trans Am is still being made.

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