How do i compress rear brake caliper on 2007 malibu?


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Compress the rear brake calliper with a large C-clamp. You place it between the calliper and the rotor and push the piston in. You then unbolt the calliper. When you do this, make sure that you do it slowly so that the brake fluid isn’t pushed out.

To change the brake pads, loosen all of the lug nuts from the front wheels, but don’t remove them yet. Jack the Malibu up and lower it onto safety stands that should be situated behind the front wheels. You can remove the lug nuts and take off the front wheels.

Find the access hole on the driver-side front brake calliper and insert a crow bar between the outer brake pad and the back of the brake rotor. Pry the brake pad against the calliper cylinder until it stops moving.

Take the two slide bolts from the back of the calliper (one from the top and one from the bottom) with a ratchet and a 13mm deep well socket.

Once the bolts are out, you can hang the calliper behind the wheel hub assembly with some rope or wire to keep it safe.

The inside brake pad needs to be removed from the retaining clip by pushing upwards on the inside brake pad with either a crow bar or a screwdriver. Compress the calliper using the C-clamp as detailed above until the cylinder has completely retracted inside the calliper.

Remove the outside brake pad from the retaining clip with a screwdriver and place the new brake pads into the retaining clips making sure that each pad is in the proper position.

Untie the brake calliper and lower it back onto the side of the rotor. Replace the slide bolts and make sure they are tight. You can now replace the wheels making sure that the lug nuts are tight.

Rev the engine and pump the brakes so that the new pads become seated to the brake rotors.
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Changing the brakes? Autozone has a free tool loan service. They will show you how to use the tool if you ask.

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