How Do I Remove Rear Brake Rotors On 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan?


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The procedure for removing the rear brake rotors is similar to that used for removing the front ones; the Dodge Grand Caravan 2006 has callipers that need to be removed before the rotors.
Make sure that the parking brake is off and make sure one of the front tyres is supported by a wheel block on a flat hard surface. Loosen the nuts using a wrench before trying to lift the rear tyre or tyres. Lift the rear of the vehicle with a jack and support it using the jack stand; if you are removing the rotors on both sides, you need to do this on both sides of the vehicle. You may then remove the nuts completely from the rear wheels. To remove the calliper, place a small pry bar into its pad's window (on top of the rear brake assembly). Pivot the pry bar between the outboard pad backing plate and against the rotor to compress the calliper piston enough to allow movement of the calliper back and forth. Remove the front and rear calliper guide bolts with the 7 mm hex-head wrench or bit with ratchet assembly. Pull the calliper and brake pad assembly up off the rotor and stick it behind the backing plate so no damage will come to the brake hose.
Spray a generous amount of lubricant spray on the junction of the centre rotor hole and hub face. Allow five minutes or so for the lubricant to penetrate. Set up the drum and rotor pulling tool so the three teeth grab the inside edge of the rotor in a triangular pattern. Place the centre of the puller against the hub facing and tighten the handle clockwise to slowly pull the rotor off the hub and parking brake shoe assembly until the rotor breaks free. Remove the puller and then remove the rotor.
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