How To Replace The Alternator On A 2004 Honda Civic?


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I'm no mechanic, but I've fiddled around with my 04 civic alternator and heres how I know how to take it out. First I would disconnect the battery. Next you have to remove the power steering pump right above the alternator. You need to loosen the wing nut to take the tension off the belt then remove the bolts making a note of how they are attached so you can put it back together. Before you do that I believe there is a bolt holding the part attacked to the wing nut in place. Now do the same for the alternator. There's a bolt under the alternator you might have to feel around for that holds the tension. Loosen it, then find the other bolt under there that will actually cause the tension to be removed. Unplug the cable going into it as well as the wire that's bolted on there. You'll find there's still one more bolt holding it on on the top, take that out as well as all the ones on the bottom and your good. Once you have it out its easier to see exactly how the tightening mechanism works. Thats about it.

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