How To Change Brake Rotor 2002 Honda Civic?


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Remove 2 bolts that holds barke caliper. Unscrew 2 nuts that holds rotor to hub. Careful, sometimes the nut brakes. (new nut cost around $6 from dealer) If the nut brakes, don't worry. Use small drill bit. And drill in the middle of broken nut, then use little bigger bit, drill again. Screw will come out.
Ok, if your new rotor doesn't fit between brake pad. You need to losen ( two round not too much)wheel cylinder nipple, and then use clamp to push back the wheel cylinder, where it push brake pad. Before you release the clamp, tighten the nipple screw back, so, no sir goes in brake system. Now try to put the new rotor.

Good luck

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