How To Remove Check Engine Light Honda Civic?


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Well my brothers check engine light was on one time and his emergency brake was slightly pulled out. This caused the check engine light to come on.  Good Luck
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Disconnect the negative battery cable for a few minutes, then reconnect it.
If the light comes back on, take it to an auto parts store and have the computer scanned to see what, if anything, is causing the light to come.
Remove the negative battery wire for at least five minutes and then put it back on, this will cause your engine light to go off for a little while but if you have any active codes it will come back on after 10 cycles.
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Gas cap should be tightened on the 1999 honda civic lx.
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You can have it checked and cleared by a mechanic. Or just break the bulb for the check engine light...
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First of all you don't "remove" it unless it is burned out and you are replacing it.  That light is there for a reason, for many reasons in fact, and bottom line those reasons are to #1. Possibly save your live. #2. Possibly save you a good deal of money because it is telling you something is wrong and desperately needs your attention.  

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