1969 Chevy Truck Block Casting No; 3970010 Could Be A 302,327, Or A 350. The Vin On The Pad Is Cea126181 I Cannot Find Any Info On This What Cid Is It?


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Its a over the counter crate engine, cea, and the numbers after that are just id numbers and don't mean anything. The 010 blocks came in both 2 and four bolt and I believe they were all 4 inch bore, so, depending on the crank used could be 327, 302, or 350.
These are very good castings and were ubiquitous from '69 to '75. All the '69 010 blocks were hi
performance 4 bolt supposedly.  I have a' 70 cea 010 partial engine (Chevy over the counter lingo) that is a warranty replacement for the z28 302 still in the crate. These only cost 875 bucks back in '74 and found their way into lots of racers and street cars. To know for sure, you would have to drop the pan and get the numbers off the crank. Or see the back of the crank flange for shape.
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A casting No. 3970010 code was used from 68-76 and does not necessarily mean it's a 350. If you type in small block engine suffix codes on the internet the cea is a 1980 305 155 hp 4barrel w/an automatic trans.
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Cea is a prefix not a suffix it has to be a crate engine that is what the ce stands for but i cannot find any way to decode the rest of it also this engine is in a truck that i have known since 72 and it has not been out of the truck since i have known it. There was no 305 in 72
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I have 4-bolt block with casting No. 3970010 and vin# V0530TDD. I know that this engine came from a truck and that is a 350 but I can't identify the V0530 portion of the vin. Can anyone help?

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