Could A Faulty Battery Effect My Power Steering In My Car?


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Taylor Edgar answered
No. The power steering system is belt driven, so a dodgy battery should have no direct bearing on it.

Given the nature of the question, it's reasonable to assume there is a problem with the power steering on your car. Firstly, check the level of fluid in the power steering reservoir. This could be running low, making the steering feel heavier than normal. Top up as necessary with hydraulic fluid as directed by the owner's manual. Ensure you purchase the correct grade of fluid, as some hydraulic fluid can be too thin for certain power steering systems.

If this doesn't solve the problem, check the condition of the belt that drives the power steering pump. Replace if it is frayed or cracked and ensure that it is properly adjusted and not slipping. But don't overtighten as this will damage the power steering pump.

Lastly, if the vehicle is an older one, the problem could lie either with the pump itself or the steering rack.

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