Where Can I Find A Labeled Picture Of A Car Dashboard?


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An instrument panel, dash, dial and switch housing, all also known as a Car Dashboard is the car's control panel found in front of a driver's car where several instrumentations and controls for operations can be found.

For a detailed diagram of a car dashboard, simply click: http://www.freewebs.com/hypnoticnews/dashboard.jpg.

Items located on a dash include the:

• Steering wheel
• Speedometer, tachometer, odometer and fuel gauge, all collectively known as the instrument cluster
• Indicators such as the gearshift position, seat belt warning light, parking-brake-engagement warning light, and an engine-malfunction light
• Automotive navigation systems
• Glove compartment

Each labeled car dashboard diagram can also be found in the car's manual, with its corresponding uses and such.

Nowadays, dashboards are made with pads, advocated in the 1940s by the car safety pioneer, Claire Straith.

Below are some pictures of the dashboards instrument panel commonly found in car dashboards:

• Engine Warning or Malfunction Indicator Light: If this light comes on, then there must be a problem with the car's engine's emission system, signaling that the car should be checked by a car dealer as soon as possible.
• Anti-Lock Braking System Indicator Light: This indicates a problem with your brakes, and should be addressed to immediately.
• Battery and Charging Light Indicator: This may be due to a faulty alternator or that the terminals of your battery needs cleaning.
• Engine Overheating Light Indicator: If this lights up, pull over. The engine of your car is overheating.
• Electric Power Steering Light Indicator: There might be problems in steering the wheel of the car, especially in power assisted steering.

A detailed diagram of a dashboard can better aid you in knowing the different uses of each indicator found on them, as well as to better prepare you for the impending problems that can be expected during a long drive ahead.

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My s10 when I turn on the blinkers all my gauges start blinking with the lights on everythihg is backwards
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Wow you guys suck and didnt give anything useful!
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You could try looking in the car's instruction manual. I bet you could find the picture online.

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