My Vauxhall Astra Estate Went Over A Bump And Suddenly The Battery Light Came On And The Power Steering Went. Everything Else Seems To Be Fine, Any Suggestions Please?


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Taylor Edgar answered
The bump and the battery light are suggestive that the problem lies with one of the major connections to the battery. I'd check that both battery leads are securely attached to the terminals. If these are both fine, check the condition of the main earth wire from the battery and ensure it too is securely attached to the bodywork of the vehicle.

Also ensure that the battery itself is properly secured in place and not able to move around.

A loose earth wire at the battery often shows itself as your headlight going off and on when you go over a bump, so check this out as soon as possible.

Since you mentioned the power steering, though, check the belts. The power steering pump is driven by a belt, so make sure this belt and the fan belt are not damaged or slack. There should normally only be half an inch of give halfway along the span of a belt. If there's more play than this, the belt needs tightening.

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