What Happens If You Put Water Into Power Steering Fluid By Mistake In A Renault Clio?


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Flush the power steering system. Power steering fluid is a hydraulic fluid, water doesn't act on the same properties as hydraulic fluids because it can't be compressed. Plus, power steering fluid also has lubricating properties to properly lubricate small worm gears in the steering rack/box and pump. Water will cause rust. So flush it out completely and install the proper power steering fluid if you ended up putting a ton of water in the system.
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Hiyas I have just put about 1/4 of a pint of water into my ford KA power steering fluid bottle and I didn't start the engine,,anyway I used a hose to get the liquid out from the outside it looks like there is still liquid in the bottle but no more will come out ...do you think it will be ok now to fill it back up with the proper power steering liquid ?
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Flush it as soon as you can, it could burn out the pump. Depending how much water you put in will depend how soon the pump fails.
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You can wreck you power steering pump, Power steering pressure lines and basically the entire power steering system. If it is a front wheel drive this would extend to the destruction of the Rack and Pinion system.
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You'd lose hydraulic pressure, and risk rusting out your steering system as The Count says.

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