Where Is The Battery Located In A 2002 Chrysler Sebring Convertible?


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The battery is located in front of the left front wheel ( it was on my 1999) - trace the jump start connections in the engine compartment and follow the cables and they should lead to the area in front of the wheel. To change the battery, you actually have to take the wheel off the car. One of the dumbest designs I have ever come across.
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As you know it is well hidden.

Jack up the left front, remove the tire, look on the inner fender liner. There will be an access door for the battery. Thats where its at!
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Behind left fender splash shield at rear
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Look in side the drivers side finder well they are a pain to get too
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I have chrysler Sebring after I parked it last night. Today it dose not start the headlight are on the battery is good..what do you think ?

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