How To Replace 2000 Chrysler Cirrus Water Pump?


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To replace the water pump on a 2000 Chrysler Cirrus, a large proportion of the passenger side part of the engine has to be dismantled. Part of the main equipment needed is a lift, as it is very difficult to do this job without one. This is not an easy undertaking at the best of times, and a lot of time should be given to it. An experienced engineer using a lift and all the right, necessary tools will take about five and a half hours to complete this. Lack of experience and use of inappropriate tools could easily double this time, to say the least.

The work at hand is not only heavy and time-consuming, it is also very intricate and it is therefore absolutely necessary to have a user's manual at hand. This is not the kind of job one can go into without professional, detailed instructions. Most good car-parts stores carry a large range of owner manuals, so it should be easy enough to find one for the Chrysler Cirrus. Alternatively, it is possible to download Haynes manuals. However a manual is obtained, it is vital that instructions are followed carefully and to the dot. So-called short-cuts could ultimately lead to disaster.

To put it in a few, short words, the basic way to get to the water pump is to support the engine with a lift and remove the right-hand engine mount. Then the timing belt, which should be replaced while at it unless it is in peak condition, and the camshaft sprockets have to be removed. The last step is to remove the back cover of the area around the timing belt. This may sound quite simple, but anyone with little or no experience may wish to consider professional help.

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