How Does Serpentine Belt Go On Pulleys For 97 Dodge Caravan?


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Hi. There is a belt tensioner pulley that is spring loaded within itself that keeps around 40lbs of pressure against serpentine belt systems at all times as the tensioner wheel rolls against the belt... The tensioner assembly and it's wheel in front of the assembly MAY be on the driver's side area of the entire serpentine pulley system in front of the engine a few inches to this left [DRIVER'S SIDE] of the water pump pulley that is on the topmost part of the engine system in front of the entire engine where the fan belt IS... You need to get a long wrench to fit the nut in front of the tensioner pulley and pull back on the wrench with your hand moving the wrench back an inch or two inches to allow enough slack for you to be able to use your other hand to slide the fan belt off of the rest of the pullies at any location you see best available for ease of doing so once you created this slack.. Reinstalling is simply reverse procedure as it came off so pay attention to how it goes all around the wheels... Make a diagram if you have to first to remember.. And if the pulley is too strong with a small wrench for you to pull back on then GET any kind of average general pipe from a garage or junk pile that is just large enough to slide over the other end of the wrench where you would be holding onto it and this will extend the wrench to where it will provide leverage now with complete ease to allow you to pull it back like I said ONLY need an inch or two to provide the required slack to let the belt slide off... Yes the visual will have you holding a pipe about 2 feet long sticking up past the radiator to about chest height over the wrench and you physically holding back about 40psi. Of pressure with your one hand as you attempt to use your other hand to find a spot to remove the belt IF you are doing this alone or have someone help you remove the belt as you hold the wrench... Good luck..

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