Where Is The Water Pump On A 2002 Chrysler 300m. Inside The Engine Or Outside?


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It is more or less inside the engine.

You probably have the 3.5 L engine which has a timing belt. This timing belt drives the cams as well as the water pump. Unfortunately you can not see the belt or the water pump without removing some parts and covers.

You actually have two problems: The timing belt and the water pump.

First the timing belt. This is a VERY VERY SERIOUS problem! This belt MUST be replaced every 100,000 miles. If it breaks the engine will at least partly be destroyed! Big money here: Replace the belt for a few hundred or replace the engine for a few thousand!!!

Next the water pump. In order to get to the pump some parts and covers have to be removed. Once this is done the timing belt has to be removed to replace the water pump.

This is an excellent time to replace BOTH parts! Its a very good idea to replace both these parts at the same time since you have spent the time just to get at them both!

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