When A School Bus Stops To Pick Up Or Drop Off Children On A Street Where There Is A Grass Or Cemented Median, Do Cars Have To Stop On The Other Side Of That Median?


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In my state, both sides of traffic  needs to stop whenever the school bus has stopped to either drop of kids or receive as passengers.
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When the school bus is picking up or dropping off the children, in this case, it is more appropriate that the cars on both side of the road should stop or at least lower their speed because children may be too quick to cross the road. Care is must to save the lives of innocent school going children. Moreover, in America to stop the car is a compulsion on every intersection, even there is green light.www.ci.kirkland.wa.us
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State law covers traffic issues, so it does depend on which State's laws pertain. Here in Pennsylvania, traffic on a divided highway need not stop in both directions. I don't think a grass median would count as a divided highway, a divided highway would mean there is almost no pedestrian access.
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Where I live, you are required by law to stop at the intersections, as for the conditions alone can be overly dangerous to kids getting off the bus. Just the act of walking to the bus stop in the morning can be very dangerous in Alaska, you never know where a moose is going to be, and then there is the snow to worry about, as sometimes we end up with white out conditions, so here, you would stop, and in another state, you might not have to, but I think that would be a little careless on the states part not to have a law in effect. Hope this helps.
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I am a school bus driver. While state laws normally address most traffic issues the exception is school buses. Most traffic laws having to do with school buses are federal not state including this one. By federal law you do not have to stop if there is a RAISED median. If the median is not raised you must stop.

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