How Do I Get My Westchester TLC License?


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If you are applying for a TLC License to become a driver, you will need to complete the application form on the official website. All answers must be completed honestly and truthfully. It must then be signed by the applicant or if someone is applying on someone’s behalf, the person assisting must sign the 'Interpreter Information' section of the application form.
Those applying for an application for the first time will need to appear at the TLC offices in person in order to be photographed and have their fingerprints taken.
When submitting the application, the applicant must be able to provide information of two references that are not blood related to them, but those reapplying do not need to provide this information. In addition, the applicant must also be able to provide two forms of identification. One of these should be a driving license of class E or better. Consult the application notes for examples of suitable second forms of identification that can be submitted.
A social security card must be submitted along with the appropriate fees and payments. The fees are set out below:
Fingerprint fee: $90. This is not required for those reapplying and the cheque or money order should be made out to ‘Westchester County.’
Application fee: $135. This fee is for those reapplying AND first time applicants. It should be made out to ‘WCTLC.’
Late fee: $50. This only applies to those reapplying and those who have submitted their application late. This should also be made out to ‘WCTLC.’
When sending off the application, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ensure it has a first class postage stamp on it and make sure your name and address are printed clearly in the middle of the envelope. This will be used to post out your permit, if your application has been successful. (303)
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