How To Use Slim Jim To Unlock 2003 Chevy Van?


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Slim Jims are tools designed for unlocking a motor vehicle, including a Chevy van, without the need for keys or a lock picking device. They allow people to get into their cars, if scenarios such as locking the keys inside the car occur. However, Slim Jims are not designed to be used for immoral or illegal purposes, such as breaking into other people's cars. That being said, here are instructions on using a Slim Jim.

• Insert the Slim Jim rod into the tight space between the rubber weather strip on the window, and the window itself
• Slowly move the Slim Jim rod backwards and forwards until the notched end of the rod catches on to the control arm of the locking system
• Check to see if you have latched onto the control arm by looking at the lock on the inside of the door - if the lock is twitching or moving, you probably have managed to grab the control arm
• Carefully move the Slim Jim rod up and away from the control arm in order to control arm upwards, unlocking the door
• Once the door is unlocked, remove the Slim Jim Rod carefully

Please note that you should only use a Slim Jim lock in the passenger side door. Do not use a Slim Jim on the door of the driver's side, as this can result in damage to the controls within the door.

Also, please be very careful when attempting to use a Slim Jim device. If the Slim Jim rod breaks off whilst inside the car door (as is often the case, due to the very thin design of the Slim Jim), serious damage may be done to the locking system and to the door itself. A broken rod inside the car door may render the locking system unusable, and your locks, or even your whole car door, may need to be replaced.

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