How To Hotwire A Grand Prix?


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Unfortunately due to 'hotwiring' being heavily associated with stealing cars, no advice can be given that could aid someone to commit a criminal act.

It may well be your own car you wish to hotwire, but due to the fact other people with more sinister intentions can then follow the same instructions then it is not appropriate advice to give.

If your car will not start with your keys in the ignition you should call out a mechanic rather than trying to hotwire the car. Hotwiring can damage the car as it involves cutting the wires in an attempt to try and cause a reaction - which is clearly not what they were designed for. Therefore, simply calling out a mechanic or a member of a breakdown service is a better policy to take.

They will more than likely be able to determine why your car is not starting the normal way and also should be able to rectify the problem. Of course, it may cost you quite a bit but it is better to have your car up and running again than just sitting there. Attempting to hotwire your car and causing damage could also cost much more to repair in the long run.

If you are intending to hotwire other people's cars in order to steal them then you really should think long and hard about it. Stealing cars is a major criminal offense and can also rack up many other offenses such as driving without insurance and usually dangerous driving. Therefore is it really worth doing for the money or thrill you may get out of it?

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