How do I get a driving license?


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I'm guessing each country has their own procedure that applicants have to go through, but here in the UK you have to:

- Apply for a provisional license (that means you'll need to meet the age requirement, verify and register your details, and not be banned from driving for any reason).

Provisional license holders have various restrictions placed on what they can do. For example, you may be required to have a passenger above the age of 21 with a full valid license. And you won't be allowed to use the motorway (highway).

- You then need to pass two tests before you are awarded a full license: A practical test and a theory test.

These ensure you are capable of driving safely and that you have a full understanding of the highway code and road safety.

As I mentioned though, the process will be different depending on the country. And may even vary from state to state, or region to region.

Perhaps if you let me know where you are based I can dish out some more relevant info?

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