What Happens To Your Brain When You Hit Your Head On A Car Window Causing It To Break?


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I don't really know because it has never happened to me before?
So what do you think will happen if someone gets hit in the head with a baseball what should they do?
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Do go for detailed X-Ray at least, head and brain injury are not an ignorable thing. Don't keep waiting consult a physician, have a thorough check up. You didn't mention how long it has been, because if it is more then a week ago and you are still getting killer headaches in the spot where your head have been hit  then it is a serious situation.
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When you strike your head, your brain strikes the inside of your skull. You really need to be checked by a doctor for a concussion or possible hematoma (bruising of the brain), which can potentially be serious depending on the extent of your injury. Please don't ignore the symptoms.

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