I Have 2000 Hyundai Sonata And My Check Engine Light Is On And The Code Read Is P0203. What Could It Be?


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The code p0203 means ( injector circuit cylinder 3). It means internal fault in engine you have to go to the work shop. If the car is running fine you can refresh the computer memory to stop that check engine light.
Disconnect the negative battery cable for a few minutes and reconnect. This will clear any codes stored in the computer. If
there is no problem then the light will stay off. If the computer detects the problem then the light will turn on again.
If the light turns on again after doing that procedure go to the workshop for detailed inspection of car.
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But what if mil is off and the obd2 scan tool pull p0203 , and the engine is not stable at idl ,but only better when i press gas pedal ?

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