_________, The Roadway, And Your Vehicle Are All Categories Associated With Risk That You Should Assess Before You Get Behind The Wheel?


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This is likely to be a question that you would find on a traffic school test, assessing the capability of a learner driver. The answer to the blank you are looking for is ‘your own wellbeing’. Making sure that you are in a fit condition to drive the vehicle is important because it will minimise the risk of you causing an accident that could hurt yourself and others. If you have had a glass of wine with a meal in a restaurant, you may wish to assess if you are under the legal blood-alcohol concentration level that will designate you as a safe driver. Meanwhile, if you are doing a long-distance journey, you may wish to assess whether or not you are alert enough to perform all of the necessary tasks in a car safely. Research has proven that reaction times can be diminished when a person is fatigued.

If you’re struggling with filling in the gaps on your driving test, it’s fair to say that you will need practice. Indeed, many tests will change around the gaps in a question, and this means that you might need to remember that ‘the roadway’ or ‘your vehicle’ is the other categories of risk you need to evaluate.

For assistance on some of the other questions that you’re likely to face in your traffic school test, visit: Some of the other questions that could be used in your assessment will be found here. You’ll be able to revise the correct answers that fill the designated blanks, while also sharpening up on your theory in advance of the big day. Good luck to you!

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