How To Find A Diagram For A 4L60e Transmission?


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The GM 4L60E automatic transmission is an automatic shift, four-speed overdrive, longitudinally positioned transmission. It is considered to be the best rendition of the best overdrive transmission system produced of all time. The transmission shift mechanism introduced to the market in 1997 before being fully integrated into car systems in 1998. Being produced by GM it was used in all types of car from the C6 Corvette to the infamous GMC 4 wheel drive trucks.

The mechanism of the GM 4L60E automatic transmission system has 5 gears including reverse. Gears one and two have ratios higher than 1, gear three has equal ratio and gear four is an overdrive gear, whilst reverse has a ratio between that of gear one and two. Each of the gears has the following ratios:

Gear one: 3.059
Gear two: 1.625
Gear three: 1.000
Gear four: 0.696
Reverse gear: 2.29

To find a diagram of the General Motors 4L60E automatic transmission it is possible to search in search engines such as "" for 'GM 4L60E automatic transmission diagram' and then either look for sites that might produce a diagram, or go to the images section and look for a diagram that might be suitable. Having done this search myself, it appears that there are many different types of diagram that the search yielded. A lot of these diagrams appear to be very complex and from reputable sources. However a lot of search results lead me to forums which may not be as reputable as websites dedicated to car parts and transmission mechanisms such as "".
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92 ford bronco 5speed diagram how and where do I get one?
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I am rebuilding a 4l60e tranny a clip or hair pin looking peace fell out can you help.

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