Can I Find A Diagram For A 2002 GSXR 750?


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The best place to find the wiring diagram for the Suzuki GSXR 750 2002 motorbike is on the GSXR website which is here. You'll be able to find all the user manuals for this particular type of bike.

At a glance, here is the wiring diagram:

I found the above image by doing a Google image search with the specifications for make and model that you gave. 

Depending on what you require the wiring diagram for, i.e making your own repairs to a bikes wiring, it may be worth looking up an owner's manual if you don't already have one. The manual can be found here: GSXR 750 2002 Manual

Headlight Repair

You haven't specified exactly why you need the wiring diagram for the GSXR 750. However, I have found the below video which shows how to repair a broken headlight on this particular type of bike. It may be beneficial to you just as a general visual aid to see how the wiring operates overall.

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