How To Change The Pollen Filter In A Citroen C5?


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The pollen filter, sometimes known as the air filter is used for  removing fibrous materials from the air, including pollen, dust, mould and bacteria. It is made from highly absorbent material and is essential for the ventilation of the cabin as well as of the engine of the car.
The air filters tend to be made of paper, cotton or foam that is treated in chemicals and oil to ensure proper filtration into the engine.
You will need no tools to remove and replace the filter from a Citroen C5. Make sure you have purchased the correct filter for your Citroen C5
To replace the filter in a Citroen C5 you should unclip and peel away the trim of the car that lines the side of the centre console in the foot well of the passenger seat in the car. You should now be able to see the end of the filter housing. Remove the two bolts that hold the rectangular plastic end cap of the filter and then it should be easy to pull the filter out.
It is then easy to just place in the new filter and put the bolts and trim back on. It should then work as good as new.
When purchasing an air filter there are a number of choices and thus things to consider. Air filters are cheapest and do a good job but may not offer premium filtration and can become clogged with dirt so need to be changed regularly.
Foam is excellent for engines that deal with a lot of dirt like tractors or lawnmowers though are not suitable for cars.
Cotton is the top end of filters and can be added as an aftermarket accessory. They're a little bit more expensive but offer a better quality filter.
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Found it myself. From the passenger side remove the under dash cover with footlight. To the right behind the heating controls is a rectangular black plastic cover secured by two hex headed screws. Remove the screws and using the projecting tab pull the filter case out of its housing. Replacement is just the reverse.
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If you are not from UK, it will be located in the drivers side. You can find a mounting description with pictures on this page: Http://
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Excellent info guys worked a treat ! Thanks

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