What Speed Do Most Traffic Accidents Occur?


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Over 6 million traffic accidents occur each year in the USA alone, and they are for a number of reasons such as equipment failure, roadway design, poor roadway maintenance, driver behavior, etc. Overall, the speed of which a car is traveling doesn't really show correlation to the number of accidents per year, as it mainly depends on how the drivers follow the speed limit of the road.

Many traffic accidents occur due to a driver not fully concentrating; for example:

  • If they are on a cell phone
  • If they are intoxicated
  • Simply being distracted by some other occurrence

Most traffic accidents actually occur when the driver draws nearer to their destination and drivers become more complacent. Drivers do tend to speed up more to get to their destination quicker, but we have no record of the average speed at which these accidents occur. If we do have these records, they have not been published and so we have no idea what the speed is at which most of these traffic accidents occur.
It's also dependent on the weather conditions. If the road is icy or very wet, the friction between the tyre and the road decreases, and so the vehicle is more vulnerable to traffic accidents as slipping and sliding over the road is a lot more likely. Traveling at a high speed in these conditions is highly dangerous as the brakes would be less effective.

Overall, most traffic accidents just occur where there are the most people, so therefore many traffic accidents occur on the motorways. However, 50% of fatal traffic accidents occur on rural roads.

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