How Can You Make A 'Hot Wheels' Car Go Faster?


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Mark Henderson answered
When launching a Hotwheels car down a ramp there are a few basic modifications which can make the car travel faster. Weight, aerodynamics and friction can all be addressed to increase the car's velocity.

How to make a Hotwheels car go faster?
  • When releasing a Hotwheels car down a slope, increasing the car's mass would make it go faster. Mass does not affect the acceleration of an object, but it will increase the car's terminal velocity.
  • If you reduce the drag of the car then this will also increase its speed. If there's a window missing, then replace it or patch it up, or if there is anything sticking out of the top of the top car then remove it! This will increase the aerodynamic efficiency of the car, which will allow it to cut through the air faster, ultimately increasing its terminal velocity.
  • Make sure that all the wheels move freely on the axles. If one or more of the wheels is slightly sticking (or not rotating as freely as it should) then this will slow the car down. One way to free up a sticking wheel would be to apply some WD40 or other lubricant to the area. However, use caution, as only a tiny drop will be necessary and any more will only flood the axel and could in fact slow the car down!
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Actually WD-40 will slow it down eventually - at first it will be a bit faster but, as you run it, lint/dust from the track, the floor or wherever you're racing will start sticking to the WD-40, slowing your car to a crawl. Believe me, I've made this mistake before!

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