2001 Saturn Front Wheel Bearing Replacement, How Do I Tell If My Front Wheel Bearing Is Bad?


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Buying the bearing with the hub assembly doesnt do anything
the bearings have to be pressed out with a bearing press
if you have a bearing press I would change it yourself

as for checking to see if its bad put the car on the jack so the front tire/s off the ground and grab the top and bottem of the tire and push back and forth if the tire moves back and forth its a wheel bearing

Hope this helps
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If the front is gone bad you might have noticed slight shutter at front end just like bad alignment. Your car was making a loud hamming which means that front wheel bearing is bad.
They bearing should be greased inside the hub .Replacing wheel bearing is difficult at home and work shop can charge you a lot for the labour so an easy way is to buy the bearing with the hub assembly and install it yourself.
Changing the front wheel bearing in almost every car is same so if you want change them. Follow that link. link

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