What Is The Difference Between These Chrysler Sebrings: Touring,GTC,LX,LXi And Limited?


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The Chrysler Sebring convertible models LX, LXi, GTC and Limited were introduced in 2002 and have similar specifications:

  • All of the convertible models can seat a maximum of four people with approximately 38 inches of headroom in the front seat and approximately 37 in of headroom in the back. All of the other models have 42.4 in of legroom in the front section of the car, while there is less room of 35.2 inches in the rear seats.
  • The sizes of the convertibles all reach 193.7 in in length and 69.4 in wide. They are 55 in in height with a wheelbase of 106 in. They do however, differ in weight, as the LXi weighs 3,474 lbs, the LX is 3,394 lbs, the Limited is 3,491 lbs while the GTC weighs around 3,452 lbs.
  • All the convertibles contain a V6 2.7 liter engine with 200 horsepower . However, the LX has a smaller 2.4 liter engine with only four cylinders and 150 horsepower. It is also worth mentioning that the GTC can be bought with a five speed overdrive transmission in manual format.
  • By 2005, the convertible models GTC, Limited and Touring were upgraded to trim level. Their engines were 2.7 liter V6 with a horsepower of 200. This year's Chrysler Sebring models produced a four speed transmission on automatic as opposed to the other Sebring models which have a front wheel drive.
  • They can seat four passengers with headroom of 38.7 in for the front seat passengers and legroom of 42.4 in. In addition, the backseat passengers have headroom of 37 in and 35.2 in of legroom.

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