What Is The Transmission Brake On A Series Land Rover?


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Taylor Edgar answered
The handbrake on Series Land Rovers and some later models too works off the transmission, not the back brakes, as is usually the case. The handbrake is mounted on the rear of the transfer box below the right hand seat.

The advantage of a transmission brake is that it is a totally separate system from the footbrake and is well protected from any potential damage when driving off road.

On no account, apply the handbrake while the vehicle is moving as this runs a good chance of trashing the transmission. The handbrake should only be used to stop the vehicle in dire emergencies.

The brake drum can be removed for the fitting of new brake shoes, although in reality, the handbrake will almost never wear out. The usual suspects with the handbrake are the adjuster cone and the plungers, which can seize in their housings. A generous squirt with a freeing agent such as WD40 etc. and working the hand brake up and down is normally all that's required.

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