Do Ex-MoD Land Rover Ambulances Make Good Camper Vehicles?


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Taylor Edgar answered
Yes, but wherever possible buy direct from a dealer who specialises in MoD released Land Rovers. The reason for this is you will have a much better idea of what has been done to the vehicle prior to decommissioning.

If you are buying an ex-MoD ambulance in a private sale there is likely to have been all manner of amateurs fiddling with the electrics, cutting wires here and there, and generally making a pig's ear of it. Sorting out the electrics will be infinitely easier with a vehicle that's just been released rather than one that's been through a few private hands in the meantime.

All MoD Land Rovers are well maintained, but with ambulances, you can be sure they haven't spent any time towing overloaded trailers off-road. Compared to a normal military Land Rover, the ambulance will have had a relatively easy life.

Ambulances based on the Land Rover 130 are the best options as they offer more space than ambulances built on the 110 chassis.

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