What Is Involved In Fitting A Ford Transit Diesel Engine Into A Lightweight Land Rover?


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Taylor Edgar answered
First of all, you will need to buy a conversion kit. This should cost around £300 plus VAT.

Next, the bulkhead will need some surgery to accommodate the Ford Transit diesel's exhaust manifold. And the transmission tunnel will also need altering in order to clear the starter motor casing.

Further slicing and dicing is required to remove the driver's side (right hand drive) engine mounting, which is replaced with the new engine mounting supplied in the conversion kit.

Also included in the conversion kit are a new flywheel housing and a gearbox spigot adapter. You may also have to fit an electric fan depending on the engine type.

Some fabrication may also be required for an exhaust connection subject to the type of exhaust downpipe fitted to the manifold of the Transit engine.

It should also be noted that the trade off for the better fuel consumption from the Ford Transit diesel is the loss of a great deal of low-end torque. When you come to sell, you may also find that the Ford Transit engine isn't the most popular conversion and this will affect the resale value.

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