Can I Fit A Snow Plough To A Series 3 Land Rover?


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Taylor Edgar answered
Over the years, a number of Land Rovers of varying wheelbase have been used for snow ploughs. A Series 3 as a snow plough shouldn't be a problem.

Before going out buy one, however, you should check that the front suspension is up to the task. Snow ploughs and the associated winch add up to a fair amount of extra weight on the front end. If the road springs are anything less than A1 condition then replace them.

Brand new snow ploughs are expensive, around £4,000 for a mid range model. Shop around, though, and you may be able to find a discounted demonstrator or old stock snow plough just waiting to be snapped up. Second hand snow ploughs do occasionally turn up for sale, but you should see the snow plough fitted and operating before parting with any cash.

Whichever type of snow plough you decide on, be sure that it comes with a complete fitting kit and instructions.

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