I Have A Mercedes Benz S500 That Won't Come Out Of Park. The Key Turns, The Car Starts, But The Shifter Will Not Come Out Of Park. Does Anyone Know Of A Shift Lock Release?


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Most newer cars require that you have your foot on the brake when you attempt to take the car out of park or shift to a different status. There is also a shift release button on the shifter that needs to be depressed on the floor shifter that could be malfunctioning. This may need replacement.
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There is only one way for the s500. You pull off the shifter Knob by turning the silver ring below the knob and then pull straight up to remove the knob. Then with a 2 pound hammer bang straight down on the shifter while applying back presure like your trying to shift it. What  happens to those is moisture gets into the shifter and shorts it out.
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There should be some kind of an over ride switch for your car.
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You will find the fix for this problem. There is a cheap part that breaks and causes the shifter to get stuck for safety. It costs about $700 to fix unless you're handy and can follow this youtube video, order the part and you will save a lot of bucks


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