Can I do anything about dealer selling faulty car ??

Hey on July 15th 2015 me and my girlfriend bought a 2002 Mazda 626. It was running fine checked it out took it on the express way everything was fine so we bought it "as is". Now we didn't drive it after that for about a week and a half. When we started driving it the wheel was shaking anytime we were sitting still in the vehicle. About a week later we were going downtown on the express way & the car cut out !! There was smoking under the hood, so we let the car cool down popped the hood & the radiator cap was off. I noticed the oil and coolant were low so I topped both fluids and let it sit for about a hour. Tried to fire it up but nothing. All I hear is clicking when I turn the key. I even tried to get a jump but nothing! I had to get the car towed my mechanic came and looked at the car he says he did a compression test and the engine isn't getting any compression. He recommends getting a brand new engine. Is there anything I can do to have the dealer replace what's wrong ? I hasn't even drove the car 3 weeks and it's time for a new engine ?? Sounds fishy to me is there anything I can do? I did buy it "as is" with no warranty but a engine going out that quick there had to be something wrong with it when I bought it. Please help !!!!!


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You may be able to get it under the Lemon Laws but that usually takes 3 times to place where purchased and cant fix the problem after 3 tries. Now since you  bought it "as is" you may be screwed as you didn't have it checked out before you signed the papers. You may not have any good recourse to take here but you may be able to work out something with the seller but don't count on it here.  You may have just learned a very hard lesson to learn the hard way.  Good luck

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Doing some checking , you missed the 72 hour period to back out of the deal. Now if you can show they intended to sell you this car knowing it was bad, then you have them but again proving it isn't so easy. Personally, I would take the car back to them and trade it in for a comparable car but get a Mechanic to check it out. Sorry and good luck
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First take it too another mechanic second. It's buyer beware -anytime you buy a used car, take it to your mech to be checked out before buying.

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Please read this article from

A short version is:

"Currently, though, only six states — Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico and New York — have used-car lemon laws on the books."

"At least seven states have some other form of used-car buyers' rights,
requiring used-car warranties or setting minimum standards for the sale
of used cars: They are Arizona, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine,
Nevada, New Mexico and Pennsylvania. Still other states, including
North Carolina, have an unfair and deceptive practices statute that
buyers can invoke. But only those states with true used-car lemon laws
require the dealer to provide a replacement or refund for the car.

Beginning in 2013, people who buy their used cars at "buy-here,
pay-here" car dealerships in California get an extra measure of used-car
lemon protection. (Buy-here, pay-here dealerships are a particular kind
of used-car business, specializing in older, high-mileage vehicles and catering to consumers who can't qualify for conventional car loans.)

A new California law requires buy-here, pay-here dealerships to issue
30-day/1,000-mile warranties for the used vehicles they lease or sell.
The existence of that warranty also gives buy-here, pay-here customers
additional protection under the federal lemon law, the Magnuson-Moss
Warranty Act. More about that later."

It goes on to say more and what actions you may take and where you may go if your state does not have protections. 

Good luck and let us know what you finally did and what the outcome was, even if you lose.

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Check your State's lemon laws and see the time frame of return. If you are within rights you may be able to return it.

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Lemon laws differ from place to place .. But for a 'used' car, it would be difficult to prove that the dealership KNEW about any problems with the car. Remember, a used car is not a NEW car .. You tried it out, you took a gamble and you lost.  That's often how it goes when you buy a used car 'as is' .. That's the whole point of them writing right on your sales agreement .. AS IS. 

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