How To Replace Cabin Air Filter On Hyundai Sonata?


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There are many videos online on websites like that give instructions about how to change air filters. I found this link to be one of the, if not the, best instructional video on there: However, for general instructions follow the ones below:

Open the passenger side glove box and empty it.

Reach into the glove compartment with one hand while supporting the lid with the other hand. Push the lid up just a couple of inches, then grab one of the support arms on the side of the lid using your other hand. This support arm has a round tab that fits inside a plastic track to make sure the lid opens smoothly. Pull this arm gently toward the center of the glove box until the round tab pulls free of the track, then rotate the support arm so that the round tab is at least a couple of inches away from the track.

Repeat step two on the other support arm. Once the second arm is free, the entire glove box assembly will come loose and swing forward toward you, so you should support it with your hand on the lid. Lower the glove box assembly down gently, where it will dangle by the hinges.

Locate the cabin air filter box, which is the only major component visible through the cavity behind the glove box. It is a black plastic box with a hatch on the front. Grab the tab on this hatch, push it down and pull the hatch open. You should be able to see the old filter right behind the hatch.

Look at the cardboard edge of the old filter for an arrow or series of arrows. These arrows indicate the direction of the air flow through the filter, and should appear on the edge of all cabin air filters. You must install the new filter with the arrows pointing the same way.

Pull the old filter out of the compartment and throw it away. Slide the new filter into the compartment, making sure the air flow arrows are pointing the right way. Replace the hatch on the compartment.

Push the glove compartment back up into position, but don't force it in. When it is almost in place, you must reach in with your free hand and carefully reinsert the round tabs back into the plastic tracks. After both tabs have snapped back into place, open and close the lid to make sure it moves smoothly.

Replace the contents of the glove box and enjoy 10,000 more miles of fresh air.

However, there is also a very detailed set of instruction if these are not good or detailed enough for you. They can be found at this link: Also, the Hyundai web site ( has a good description of things like this.
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Well I am no mechanic, but here is a link that details how to do this. Changing_cabin_filter_in_a_Hyundai_Sonata

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