How Much Does It Cost To Register A Car In California?


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If you have recently purchased a new car, or have recently moved to the state of California with your existing car, or changed ownership on a vehicle you need to register a car in your name as soon as possible.

If you've purchased a used vehicle registered in California or an out of state vehicle, you must register the car within 10 days of the purchase date to avoid late fees. The same is true for cars acquired from family members or received as gifts. To review late penalties associated with original applications, consult the official state site website, the address is

If your car is new to California you must register and pay the fees within 20 days of entry or residency to the state. All of this can be done at the local Department of Motor Vehicles office (DMV). More information is available at the DMV website, and you can work out on their website the fees that will be due when registering your car by entering all your information and details.

The amount is dependent on whether you are registering the vehicle for the first time, if the car has any outstanding parking or traffic fines, if it adheres to pollution controls or if it is just a case of relocating to a different state. There is no flat fee for just registration due to all these variable factors but for most states in the USA, the cost is around $100 after everything has been taken into account.

If you have purchased the car from a dealership they will carry out the registration for you if you supply them with the documentation, namely proof of insurance, vehicle title, proof of identity and proof of emissions inspection certificate.

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