How Do I Replace My Front Bumper On My Chevy S10 Pickup?


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Don't know where to get a diagram, I never use them. To remove the bumper, remove the grille by literally pulling it straight forward- it's held on with 6 spring clips. There are 4 bolts going down from the top holding the bumper on, 2 up top, 2 back in behind by the frame rails. You can see them fairly easily. There are 2 bolts up underneath on either corner of the bumper, with a 15MM head on them. The top bolts are probably t-50 torx, or 15MM also. The bumper parts are held together with a combination of clips, a couple small bolts, and the impact strip should just literally be pushed in. It can be released by collapsing the plastic nubs sticking through the back side of the bumper. Derrek.
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