Can My Two Kids Ride In A Back Of A Truck Camper?


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In California the (CHP) California Highway Patrol says the only people
required to wear seat belts in a RV are the driver and front seat
passenger. Anyone sitting behind them does not legally have to wear a
seat belt, this includes children. The CHP does highly recommend wearing
one as it is proof that wearing a seat belt saves lives. This law also
includes campers mounted on pick up trucks.

The reason they do not and can not enforce seat belt laws in the back of
the drivers area of a motorhome (Class a or c) is because Federal Law
does not require the manufactures to put seat belt in all seat

Also another fact I did not know until I read the California RV handbook
and then spoke to a police officer is, No passengers may ride in tow
behind trailers, but a fifth wheel trailers are different and passengers
can ride in them while traveling. (Scary!)

Also a law that has been on the books for awhile, but is now being
enforced is the Non Commercial Class A drivers license. What this means
is if you tow a bumper tow behind trailer your trail must be under
10,000 lbs or you need a Non Commercial Class A license. If you tow a
fifth wheel trailer you must be under 15,000 lbs or you are required to
have a Non Commercial Class A license.

I guess the reason California is starting to enforce this law is because
manufactures are selling these huge toyhauler trailers and claiming
they can hold all this weight. Then the average consumer is over loading
their trailers with jeeps, buggy' and other recreational toys. What is
happening is the consumer is pulling this with his F350 pickup truck and
the skill to handle these types of weights are much different, and
California has weight laws regarding how much you can tow.

Also anyone driving a Class A RV over 40ft also needs a Non Commercial
Class A drivers license. I would assume these laws would only apply to
residents of California as other states don't carry these laws.
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I don't think it's anyone's business but the parents what the choice is. It isn't anyone else's business, including the law's.

It used to be that way & should still be.

My cousins & I, at age 10-14, used ride in the back of a Toyota with a camper shell on the way to summertime lake vacations. We had so much fun & so did the parents. We could yell/scream all we wanted, they could talk in peace/quiet with us segregated from them. It was great.

Don't tell me "times have changed." Bullfeathers. This practice didn't just suddenly become dangerous after 1980 or so. We just became too safe-conscious, and yes there is such a thing. For instance, this morning I woke up with back pain & couldn't take any ibuprofen even though we have plenty of it. Why? Because someone told my wife it had to be out of sight--not out-of-reach (which is fine), but even out of sight.

And I couldn't find it, and had to suffer.

Too much safety.

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Not permitted and absolutely should not be permitted.  If you hit a large object they will sail past you at the speed you last were going.  If you are hit from the back they will will go out the back of your vehicle and possibly thru the windshield of the car that hit you.  Or there are situations where they could become airborne. 
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Yes they can ride at the back of the van, if proper safety measures are followed. However, some states have rules regarding the seat belts and how many people to accommodate at the back of the van, so it is mandatory if you know about it and follow accordingly.

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I personally wouldn't risk it as much as possible. Better to be safe that sorry as these accidents can happen anytime. We put the stuff on one side of the back seat on our truck and the kiddo on the other side with the seatbelt on. Now that we are looking to get a puppy and bring him along with us on trips I need to move the stuff at the bed. Been looking at the new tonneau covers available at 4WheelOnline and been debating on getting the retractable or the tri-fold ones that will ensure the water doesn't get inside.

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If there is access to the cab I believe it is legal. If not I don't think its legal nor is it safe. In most states, children under 18 must be in a seat belt. Its no different than having them in the back of a p/you truck. If you were involved in a serious accident, they would most likely die. I wouldn't do it. Ever hear of murphys law? If it can happen, it will happen.
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Just make sure proper safety precautions are in place and you should be fine. Stay safe and have fun!
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That would not be safe as there are no seat belts.  It is not legal in Canada.
Not if you live n the good 'ole u.s of a. As they will lack the legal seat belts, now required n every state...I do believe.
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I always wondered myself since I am always seeing people with their kids or animals, in the back. they did just make seat belts in trucks a requirement here for adults too

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